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xbloodlines's Journal

bitter buffalo

“Looking towards the future, we were begging for the past.”
― "Missed the Boat", Modest Mouse

amy. mom to a 7 y/o, engaged, taurus, intj, gryffindor, atheist, neurodivergent, introvert, anxiety-ridden, adopted, twin, hardcore fangirl & nerd.
♥'s music, concerts, cartoons, modest mouse, isaac brock, dethklok, metalocalypse, toki wartooth, skwisgaar skwigelf, ok go, futurama, courage the cowardly dog, rick & morty, harry potter, reading, guitar, drugs, art, rats, tattoos, piercings, true crime, nail polish, coffee & tea, mismatched socks, storms, rainy days, nature walks, trees, gloomy weater, camping, fall, winter, snow, johnny the homicidal maniac, the horror genre, cake, conspiracy theories & more!

this is a new blog but im not so new to livejournal. i was originally on here from 2003-2006 and had taken an unexpected 10 year hiatus bc of big life changes. hopefully ill fall back into it soon enough :) there's no theme to my blog, just ramblings and rantings about my life.

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aliens, amusement parks, animal crossing, anorexia, anxiety, aqua teen hunger force, art, aspergers, atheism, aurora borealis, autism, autism awareness, autumn, bats, bipolar, bobs burgers, brendon small, camping, candles, cartoons, cats, christmas, cloudy days, coffee, collectibles, columbine, comics, concerts, conspiracies, conspiracy theories, converse, courage the cowardly dog, creepy, criminology, dark art, depression, dethklok, doc martens, drawing, drugs, eating disorder, eating disorders, ed edd n eddy, fan fiction, forensic psychology, forensics, forests, futurama, gloomy weather, guitars, guns, halloween, harry potter, hiking, home movies, horror, hunter s. thompson, incubus, invader zim, isaac brock, jaws, john waters, johnny the homicidal maniac, junji ito, king of the hill, knives, korn, lava lamps, live music, manga, mass murder, matt stone, mental illness, mental illness awareness, metal, metalocalypse, michael myers, modest mouse, murderers, music, my otp, nail polish, nature, nebulas, nintendo, nirvana, norway, nostalgia, obsessing, obsession, ok go, pacific northwest, pet rats, pictures, piercings, pills, psychology, rain, rainy days, rammstein, rats, reading, remus lupin, rick and morty, rollercoasters, scandinavia, scary movies, serial killers, shrooms, skwisgaar skwigelf, skwistok, snow, south park, special interests, spectrum, stars, steampunk, stephen king, studio ghibli, sublime, summer heights high, sweden, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 90s, the simpsons, the strange and unusual, the walking dead, thunderstorms, toki wartooth, traveling, trey parker, true crime, tumblr, urban legends, voice actors, weezer, weird, weird art, winter, woods, zombie movies, zombies